March 29 - 31, 2021

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM EST Each Day

Member $40/Non-Member $55
Early Bird M/NM ($30/$35) NLT 3/23 11:59 PM EST

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The NCMA Space Coast, Suncoast, Mid Florida, Jacksonville, Bluegrass, Chicagoland, and Fort Worth Chapters present the following offerings:

Monday, March 29


Heidi Timmerman, CPCM, Fellow, Director

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Presenter

Shene' Commodore, Commodore Consulting, LLC
with Steve Sizemore, Project Manager, MAS PMO, FAS, U.S. GSA
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM GSA Focused Panel
Shene' Commodore, Commodore Consulting, LLC
Jennifer Hanks, President, MMC Consulting LLC, CFCM, Fellow
Jim Bender, President, ZK Development Solutions LLC, CP, APMP
Christopher E. Harris, Senior Consultant/Trainer, PACE LLC, CPCM, CFCM, CCCM
Jannine Wilkinson, QC2AB GSA FAS Army National Account Manager
Steve Sizemore, Project Manager, MAS PMO, Federal Acquisition Service, U.S. GSA

Doing Business with GSA

Description: This session will focus on Doing Business With GSA. Presenters will discuss how to become a GSA schedule contractor as well as the requirements you must meet to keep your schedule. Attendees will also learn about key program initiatives with GSA. This will be followed by a discussion with GSA and Industry panelists on dispelling the myths with GSA schedules.

  • How to Get a GSA schedule and Keep it
  • Update on GSA Programs & Services
  • Dispelling the Myths with GSA Schedules

Tuesday, March 30


Jim Campbell, CEO of AXIM Fringe Solutions Group LLC
Randall Leiker - Vice President-Sales at AXIM Fringe Solutions Group LLC

Service Contract Act (SCA) Compliance and Challenges


William Randolph, Founder/CEO-THINK Acquisition

TOP 10 Trends in Government Contracting

Description:  The year 2020 was a year of reaction. We experienced what many have said was a decade of change in about two (2) months. The year 2021, however, should be the year of intention. Based on my training, consulting, and coaching work, I see some trends evolve for this year. Many contracting activities are taking intentional and deliberate action to reshape their business, business models, and customer experience engagements. What I have observed can fall into roughly 10 areas or trends for 2021.

I welcome the opportunity to share these trends with you all and how these trends will affect not only the activities of contracting and program offices today; but the impact of their success for years to come.


Frank McNally, Director, Learning & Content Development, Public Spend Forum

How to Buy Better in a Brand New World

Description: Do you want to write better contracts? There is a way! You just have to eat your PEAs: permissible exercises of authority. From digital services to online learning, agencies are buying increasingly user-focused services. These next-generation technologies require a next-generation approach and cannot be done with traditional procurement methods. Join me for some of my favorite PEAs and a special introduction to agile acquisition techniques.

Wednesday, March 31


Donald Mansfield, Instructor at Don Acquisition LLC

Regulating Under the Radar

Description: Researchers at the Mercatus Center coined the term 'stealth regulation' to describe tactics used by executive agencies to avoid statutory requirements designed to curb the power of the Administrative State. While the research has established "stealth regulation" as a widespread phenomenon in the Federal Government, the research has not focused on acquisition.  In "Regulating Under the Radar," Don Mansfield examines the history and current practice of "stealth regulation" (as well as attempts to curb it) as it pertains to the Department of Defense acquisition.


Michael Levy, Counsel & Manager, Contracts, NORC at the University of Chicago

Cyber Security Regulations

Description:  Cyber Security: this session will review recent FAR and DFARS cybersecurity regulations, with a review of "the Cyber Clause", CMMC, and related provisions. This session will also address the regulatory definitions, applicability, and requirements necessary for both contractors to be compliant with their contractual obligations, and for government to audit contractors for compliance under the regulations.


Michelle Currier, Professor of Contract Management, DAU


Eric Crusius, Holland & Knight, Partner

Hot Topics and the DAU Contract Subway Map

Description: Hot Topics in Government Contracting, no topic is off-limits. CMMC, Source Selection, Buy American, Small Business ...bring your questions!

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