Christopher E. Harris

Mr. Harris is a contract and acquisition subject matter expert who has over 20 years of government and commercial contracting experience. He has experience with civilian and defense agencies, has held an unlimited warrant in the Department of Defense, and has DAWIA Level III, PMP, CPCM, CFCM, and CCCM certifications.

He has extensive source selection, policy analysis, teaching, mentoring, and acquisition job aid development experience. His acquisition experience encompasses subject matter such as response to challenges, advising and executing large mission-critical professional services instruments, and research and development. He is a talented expositor on the rudimentary and advanced elements of source selection and contract formation. He has led agency-level initiatives and frequently advised senior-level management on acquisition-related issues. In addition, his academic works have been widely disseminated within the Department of Defense contracting community and published in national forums such as the National Contract Magazine Association, the WIFCON Analysis page, and GSA Interact. His mission is to unleash the productivity of the acquisition workforce-one insight at a time.



Chris Harris

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