April 13, 2022

11:45 AM to 12 NOON EST

Presentation 12 NOON to 1:00 PM EST



Baker Tilly, US
Jeff Clayton, Principal
Leo Alvarez, Director, CFCM, NCMA Fellow


Please join the NCMA Space Coast Chapter as we host Baker Tilly US on April 13, 2022 at 12:00pm EST for an insightful discussion on Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) and what its use in recent solicitations means for federal contractors.

In recent years, federal contractors have been subject to a growing regulatory focus on strengthening and securing the federal supply chain.  These new rules are wide ranging – from cybersecurity compliance frameworks, to foreign investment oversight, to technology bans and restrictions – imposing significant new supplier governance requirements on federal prime contractors.

As the regulatory environment continues to shift, federal procurements have increasingly included requirements for offerors to describe Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) practices and provide detailed plans-of-action to protect hardware, software, and embedded components from compromise (otherwise known as a “SCRM Plan”).  Several procurements have gone so far as to state outright that supply chain risk processes and/or events may be subject to audit, at the Government’s discretion.

Given the rising uncertainty over surveillance from foreign adversaries and recent high profile supply chain infiltrations into federal networks (e.g. SolarWinds), industry would be wise to carefully consider how it represents its strategy, tools, techniques, and implementation approach within a “SCRM Plan” for a targeted acquisition.

This program will explore:

  • Key developments impacting how federal contractors manage their supply chains
  • NIST practices and standards expected to be used by the acquisition community
  • The use of all-source intelligence platforms (“Supply Chain Illumination”)
  • Practical guidance on SCRM Plan preparation and structure

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