Jared Hoskins

Jared Hoskins is a highly accomplished, and results-oriented Executive with proven experience leading full life cycle of product and program portfolio delivery. He’s worked across a broad spectrum of industries and implemented the development of organizations cyber forces, strengthened their cyber defense, resilience, and deterrence posture.

As COO and CIO he’s leading all IT & cybersecurity initiatives for Strong Connexions, providing cohesive vision and acquisition strategy to lead personnel, implementing change management and initiatives, and driving breakthrough business results in growth and technology advancements through research and development and strategic partnerships.

Respected as a visionary leader for geographically dispersed & virtual teams throughout the United States with ability to instill a shared vision and provide turnaround and high-growth results across industry.

Jared Hoskins

Jared Hoskins
(801) 947-7100
Cybersecurity Certification RPO



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