MARCH 30, 2022

11:45 AM to 12 NOON EST
Presentation 12 NOON to 1:00 PM EST



Dr. Isaac Kashiwagi,  Kashiwagi Solution Model, Inc. (KSM) and The Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG)

Presentation based on Dr. Dean Kashiwagi's Best Value Approach Model (BVA)


Please join the NCMA Space Coast Chapter as we host KSM - PBSRG on March 30, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST

Course Title

Contract Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Course Description/Presentation Overview

The world is fast-changing. Artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics are infiltrating every sector of the supply chain in our “information world”. Over the next 30 years, the contract management white collar jobs are more at risk to be automated than blue collar jobs. The workers of the future who will not be automated, are contract management professionals who can identify and utilize expertise. Dr. Isaac proposes that identifying and utilizing expertise to cut cost and dominantly increase performance is the only way to secure their future positions. The “Contract Management Professionals of the Future” is a different paradigm from the traditional contract management professional. The “Contract Management Professionals of the Future” must learn this new paradigm, vocabulary, and actions to be successful and sustainable in the future.
What you will learn:
  • The latest on artificial intelligence and automation trends of the future
  • How to shift from a technical role to a leadership role in a company
  • How to reduce organizational costs by up to 30%, while increasing the value and quality of services received
  • How to reduce time and effort on contracts
  • How to increase impact on your organization, by minimizing the amount of info you need to create fool proof contracts.